Day 9: White Chocolate Ginger Spice Cookies

Day 9: White Chocolate Ginger Spice Cookies 

Ginger spice cookies enrobed in 36% cacao white chocolate, hand topped with candied pearls. 

Gingery spices endure throughout the year, but especially during the holiday season. This particular dainty made a triumphant return thanks to our Director of Guest Experience, Amanda Benfield, who adores the seasonal parfum and the light, crisp bite of this petit confection. 

"These aren't your average gingersnaps. These cookies are ginger forward with a beautiful spice and when combined with creamy white chocolate you have the perfect balance. Plus they look so beautiful for the season!" 

Gingersnaps are known for their unique sweet and slightly spicy flavor, as well as the crisp "snap" that accompanies each bite. And while gingersnaps are similar in recipe to their cousin, the gingerbread man, the key difference lies in the baking time. Gingersnaps typically require a longer cook time, which yields that distinctive texture. 

This much-loved holiday cookie has a long and storied history, with roots that began much earlier than the colonial records of ginger cakes at Williamsburg. It's hard to nail down the exact date of its incarnation, but the German take (lebkuchen) and the Swedish version (pepparkakor) show that this simple cookie has been bringing joy to palates globally for centuries.