A Chocolate Ritual for Oak Moon Manifestation

A Chocolate Ritual for Oak Moon Manifestation 

The monumental oak tree has long been revered for its majesty. Its immense root structure mirrors the branches above which can span as wide as 150 feet, a testament to its power and strength. With the Oak Moon upon us, there is no better time than to lean on a chocolate ritual to honor and manifest your own personal power and resilience.

Did you know that an oak tree can live up to 600 years? With all that strength and longevity, you would be shocked to learn that it does have some weaknesses. Like human beings, the oak tree tends to be inflexible, prone to losing limbs during fierce storms and environmental events. The journey of this mighty tree resembles the journey of man in that we go through periods of strain and stress only to come out on the other side as resilient as ever.

But what is the Oak Moon exactly? The Oak Moon makes its presence known from June 10th through July 7th in the form of fortitude, success, protection, and good fortune. Tied to the 13-moon Celtic Tree Calendar, the Oak Moon also represents a time period where doors to new pathways are open and easier to find. In fact, the Celts referred to this period as Duir, which some believe means “door,” the root of the word Druid.

With this potent period for manifestation upon us, the time is now to recreate a chocolate ritual at home in honor of the Oak Moon. For those of you who subscribe to our 13 Moon Lunar Club, you may be familiar with these manifestation practices, but for those who aren't here is a small primer...

(Oak Tree Image via Thomas Stix/Pexels)

Getting Ready for Ritual

- Find a place in nature that feels calm and peaceful to you. It's an added bonus if you live near an old oak tree.

- Come barefoot, if you can. Grounding yourself in this way can help increase manifestation potential and your connection to Mother Nature.

- Bring your favorite crystals or "lucky charms" (Green Adventurine is perfect for this practice as it is a stone of joy).

- If you like to write, a pen and paper is a perfect partner for penning your intentions.

- Bring chocolate! Consuming chocolate during intention-setting rituals is an extremely powerful way to propel its positive effects throughout your body.

- Apply the ritual liberally, but don't feel like you need to follow the "rules." Do what energizes you and makes you feel good.

Putting to Practice

- Once you are ready, set your intentions for this ritual. Perhaps you want to boost confidence in your daily life, or maybe you are looking for guidance on a particular situation, either way- write it down.

- Once you have spent a moment with your intentions, repeat them out loud to yourself as you take a nibble of a dark chocolate truffle or confection of your choice. Allow it to melt over your palate as your body begins to sway with the passing waves of the wind.

- Let your movements lengthen and grow until you are performing a dance of improvisation and inspiration guided by the tree’s natural melody and your own supple spirit. Let go and embrace the open air around you!

- Travel three full turns around the tree’s trunk, concentrating on your personal accomplishments with the first pass, your community’s resilience with the second, and finally on humankind as a whole with the third.

- As your dance concludes, give one open-mouthed exhale of thanks, leaving your gratitude echoing throughout the oak’s immense branches.

Thank you for being present and honoring the Oak Moon with us. Join us next month for the Holly Moon, and every month thereafter with our 13 Moon Chocolate Lunar Club.