A Chocolate Ritual for Self Love

A Chocolate Ritual for Self Love

The goal of this ritual is to create a pathway to connect your inner stellar self and intuition. Through a deep connection with the senses, you quiet the mind and come into a deeper connection with your divine truth. 

Start by preparing a lovely space in your home. Might it be the floor of your bedroom, or a little corner of your space with beautiful natural light. Choose a place where there's no work or duties to call you. 

Let Us Begin 

You are worthy of deep and beautiful love. Believe it. Close your eyes and enter into a state of awareness. Release any judgments or thoughts you may have lingering in the mind, the need to be quiet is now. 

Start to explore the wonders of yourself. In this awareness, visualize the great qualities you admire about yourself. 

Journal about these visions for which you are grateful to be you, in your body, just as you are at this very moment. 

Now, prepare to taste the chocolate. Write an intention, a goal, wish, dream or desire. Place your chocolate on top of this note. 

Send the intention of nourishment and love into the chocolate. Take in seven deep breaths. Say out loud: "I am love, I am loveable, and I am loved."

Relax in your body as you feel the 528hz infused haut-chocolat expand throughout your body and mind, infusing loving energy into your soul. 
You are loved. 

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