A New Moon Chocolate Ritual

A New Moon Chocolate Ritual

It's time for a cosmic reset! The New Moon is the perfect time to set your intentions and personal goals. As the moon waxes towards fullness, let your ideas and dreams develop with a chocolate ritual designed to harness the invigorating power of the New Moon. 


- Find or create a space that gives you peace. This can be a grassy spot outdoors, or a homemade altar by a window near the light of the moon. Regardless of what you choose, the space should represent you, fostering feelings of calm internally. 

- Take time to declutter your space, and home in general. Decluttering your surroundings also helps to declutter the mind. 

- Gather your "bare necessities." A pen and paper or journal, favorite crystals, lucky charms, and/or sacred objects. A New Moon ritual is perfect for boosting the power of these objects as well as putting action to the intentions you pen. 

- Gather your favorite chocolate. Consuming chocolate during ritual is an extremely powerful way to propel its positive effects throughout your body.

- Cleanse your space using sage or palo santo, light a few candles and some incense if you choose. 


- As you begin your chocolate ritual, take time to center yourself in your space. Find peace in your surroundings and have a seat, then close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths (in through the nose and out through the mouth). As you sit with your eyes closed, muse on your intentions. Imagine your goals coming to fruition and how you intend to move towards them.

- Because the New Moon represents new beginnings, it is best to write these intentions down. Open your eyes and grab your pen and paper, or designated new moon journal, and write. Use these pages to communicate your hopes and dreams, thoughts and ideas, actions and intentions. 

- Once you have spent time thinking and penning your intentions, reach for a piece of dark chocolate or the confection of your choice. Take the chocolate in hand and repeat these intentions aloud to yourself as you take a bite. Allow the chocolate to melt over your palate as you let your body relax, taking in the full breadth of flavor, envisioning this bite as a vehicle driving your intentions toward manifestation.

- Once the bite has passed your heart and settled in your stomach, stand up. Let your body move organically, and follow along with how your limbs naturally move. Dance! Don't be afraid to let go and get moving. The saying may be cliché, but truly, no one is watching.

- As your dance concludes, give one open-mouthed exhale of thanks, and repeat the following affirmation: 

"I am potent. I am a being of love, health, joy and abundance. I am spiritually connected to all things and I am grateful." 

Happy New Moon!

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