Brûléed Bananas with Mikino Truffle Topped with Hand Painted Toothpicks

Brulee banana

For five generations Wadaman Company has specialized in roasting the finest sesame seeds in the world. These dainty seeds flow through a multi-step process of meticulously sorting, cleaning and roasting. The toasted black sesame seeds are then made into a fine paste by passing through a ceramic refiner multiple times. The delicate texture and nuanced nutty aromas are truly unparalleled. 

Our Mikino Truffle features this fine ingredient, which pairs delightfully with the caramel flavor of brûléed bananas. We suggest that before you prepare the bananas you take a little time to sit quietly to think about your dreams. See your dreams in your mind and send them deep into the center of your body, plant these dreams within. What colors do you see? What visions? Use this imagery as inspiration and paint the colors of these dream visions onto the toothpicks. Recognize that you are creating a wonderfully sweet space of new beginnings. 

Brûléed Bananas with Mikino Truffle Topped with Hand Painted Toothpicks

Yield: 4 servings, Prep Time: 5 minutes, Cook Time: 2-3 minutes, Total Time: 7 minutes


1 yellow banana, peeled and sliced

2 tablespoons sugar

Mikino Truffles: black sesame + honey + dates + 100% cacao (Katrina’s favorite of the collection)

Toothpicks, food grade, hand painted if you desire 

 bruleed bananas


Lay bananas on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Place the baking sheet under the broiler for 2-3 minutes and watch the bananas turn a rich, caramel brown color. Make sure to remove before the bananas get too well done. Transfer the brûléed bananas to a plate and place your Mikino Truffle atop with your painted toothpick. Recognize the art in front of you. An art that plays with all your senses.

Bruleed bananas