Healing Haut-Chocolat: The Power of 528 Hz

Miracle Manifesting, Healing Haut-Chocolat

In our quest to make Superior Sourced chocolates that contain world-class ingredients grown sustainably, harvested, and nurtured by partners with values that align with Vosges' ethos, we always seek opportunities to make the best chocolate.

We know that being the best includes mindfulness of where we source, who we source from, and what parfums we combine. We also know that the best means pushing boundaries.

When Katrina was working on the Limited Edition Collections with the Grateful Dead, she started to think about how music impacts us. How the energy of the sound brings about emotional healing, amps us up, or brings about emotional release. What caused this, and could it be translated into what we do at Vosges? When curiosity strikes, we follow the path- and this one was long and winding, but it led Katrina to the Solfeggio Melodies.

Gregorian monks began using the Solfeggio Melodies, or frequencies, to help people remember music. The scale is based on a mathematical formula dating to the Pythagoras era. This Monophonic, unaccompanied, sacred Latin song originating from western and central Europe during the ninth and 10th centuries is cited as an experience of elation and relaxation simultaneously. This Gregorian chanting resonated at 528 Hz, also known as the "love" or "miracle" frequency in the Solfeggio scale.

"If these sounds could create energy within the body, how could I get them to do the same in the chocolates?" This became the subject of Katrina's studies and the new quest in our lab.

The 528 Hz frequency is known to have a range of emotional and physical benefits. It is said to be the very same one used by ancient healers, yogis, and mystics in various cultures throughout history. Scientific studies have shown that this frequency can reduce stress and anxiety, help heal wounds, improve focus and concentration, and even promote better sleep quality. What a wonder it is that this powerful frequency is used for physical betterment, spiritual growth, and spiritual healing!

The culmination of this work was to take all that we found in our research and crystallize the 528 Hz frequency into the chocolates by playing its sounds as they traveled through the cooling tunnels. By doing so, we have put the same energy of elation and relaxation in balance into each bite.

Because of the high energetics of the ingredients and the imbued Solfeggio frequency, the chocolates experience a physical shift. They actually taste sweeter, and it is detectable!

When you sit down to enjoy our chocolates with someone you love (and that someone can be YOURSELF), get present, and be mindful of your breathing. Look at the chocolate and know that many hearts and hands went into its making. Many thoughtful hours of contemplation have gone into how to make it taste the best, but also regarding its energy, respect for the earth, and everyone who contributed to it.

Taste the Love