How Katrina Elevates a Favorite Everyday Occasion or Celebration

I always set an intention before any meeting, chat or occasion, it puts magic into the moment and truly brings the energy to the request. It may sound cliché, but I swear by this simple effort and attest to amazing, serendipitous results. This is good to do before meetings, last minute gatherings with friends and especially before dinner with the family!

The glance and smell of freshly cut flowers no matter how dainty is a must to have around the house. It says to me that I am investing in myself and reminds me that beauty is around me. I keep house plants that bloom so that I can easily harvest a few every week.

When hosting guests I always have an activity for people to participate in as they arrive; cut the flowers, chop the vegetables, arrange the chocolates. It builds energy bridges for people to ease into conversation and feel a part of the party creation.