Introducing VHC Pantry: for Baking, Tasting, Snacking & More

Your pantry is about to get a whole lot more intriguing.
We are pleased to introduce our kitchen to yours with a whole new range of Vosges Haut-Chocolat baking, tasting and snacking chocolates.

VHC Pantry by Vosges: for Baking, Tasting, Snacking & More
These aren’t your ordinary cocoa powders and chocolate chips! They’re the way to take your puddings and pots de crème, cookies and cakes, brownies and barks from basic bakes to riveting recipes.

We’ve scoured the globe sourcing the finest ingredients to make your next bake delicious and high vibe. These chocolates contain all the benefits and healing frequencies that exist in the centuries revered cacao plant. The ancients knew of the power of cacao and its abilities to be heart opening and conscious lifting. We’ve taken their knowledge and infused our chocolate with healing sound frequencies that transfer the love and energy used to make them directly to you. Bake with them, or enjoy as an indulgent snack, and feel the power of mighty cacao.

From the kids to the connoisseur, there is something to delight everyone’s taste buds. Our proprietary milk and dark chocolates, zippy Fijian ginger, warm Ceylon cinnamon, ancho and chipotle chilis, and raw honey, are parfums that were just calling to be part of your drinking chocolates, soothing elixirs and desserts.

The classic to the culinary twist, all find a place in this new range and allow you to make your own at-home lab. They’re a modern addition to your kitchen that gives you the permission to get creative and make your sweets (and savory dishes) superior.

Get whipping in the kitchen right away with our new range of recipes, featured on the back of every baking box. Why not start with our personal favorite? An Energizing Raw Honey Cacao Elixir- a smooth chocolate drink to boost your energy and mood through cacao's potent theobromine.

Raw Honey 100% Cacao Chocolate Chips by VHC Pantry

Energizing Raw Honey Cacao Elixir

The ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures infused ceremonial cacao with spirit energy. Cacao was considered a teacher to open the mind to new ideas, unlock creativity and download pearls of wisdom from the above. Today, we infuse our cacao with a 528hz sound frequency known as the love tone. 

1/2 cup (3oz) of Vosges Raw Honey Chocolate Chips
1/4 cup (1oz) Cacao Powder
1 tbsp Raw Honey
1 tsp Chaga Mushroom Extract
1 cup (8oz) Nut or Oat Mylk
2 cups (16oz) Spring Water
A pinch of Baja Gold salt

Bring water and mylk just under a boil, remove from heat and whisk in all ingredients. 
Pour into a blender and blend on high for one minute. 
Drink immediately hot, or chill and enjoy cold. 
Can be stored for up to 3 days in the refrigerator and makes 4 half cup servings. 

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