New Beginnings

A season of new beginnings.

And a chance to make each one of them extraordinary.


Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh start? Newly washed sheets, the first page of a notebook, a new fragrance for a new season, an exercise regimen carefully planned for a healthy start after a December  of indulgences. 

With every end there is a beginning, and the new year offers us a wealth of beginnings, ripe for the taking.

Historically, the most common ritual for a new year is making resolutions, but how often do these become empty promises to ourselves because they are all about the bigger picture and not the here and now?  

Maybe the solution is not to stop making resolutions but to stop trying to make them so large that they seem unattainable. Setting daily intentions, small meaningful steps to achieving our wildest aspirations, may be a better way to approach the beginnings of 2022.

This year, let our chocolates be a tool and guide for affirming your goals and setting the stage to achieve your dreams.

You’ll greet each new month with chocolates from our offering of subscriptions and clubs and use them as a conduit for setting intentions to your goals for the next 30 days. You can begin anew with each monthly delivery and at the end of the year you will have made strides that you may not have made had you attempted them all at once.


Signature Club Haut-Chocolat

Our monthly signature club will be an offering of our classic and bestselling collections, as well as some of the newest creations from our kitchens and Lab. Up to three collections will arrive each, all crafted with superior source ingredients in Chicago. All truffle collections include guidebooks that share Katrina’s inspirations and tasting notes. Available in 3, 6, or 12 monthly deliveries.


Chocolate Bar Subscription

An offering of our Exotic Haut Chocolat bars will arrive to signal the start of  a new month. As you set your daily intentions, break off a square, set it upon a small piece of paper with your aims for the day and while you get ready in the morning, let the chocolate absorb the energy of your wish. Before you start your to-do’s and must-do’s indulge in the chocolate. Let it sit on your tongue and linger on the taste as you meditate on your purpose and objectives for the day.


Comfort Food Subscription

Make your daily intention setting ritual, luscious and cozy with a monthly subscription for our favorite comfort foods. Drippy caramels, salted peanut butter and marshmallows are just some of the yummy treats that will arrive to make your rituals even sweeter. This is also a wonderful way to introduce your kids to daily goal setting. It’s never too early!



Chocolate can make each day of this new year count. Let it assist you in your daily quest to make all your days fruitful and special. Wishing you a healthy, happy and full of haut-chocolat new year!