Strawberry Rose Caramel Rabbit + Guava Koval Cranberry Gin Cocktail

strawberry rabbits

Some say Ostara had minions that were rabbits. Legend says she revived her favored bird who’d broken his wing from the frigid winds of winter. Her heart and magic mended his broken wings and transformed him into a rabbit and being that he had once been able to lay eggs, she imbued him with the powers of fertility and an ability to produce colorful eggs once a year in honor of the Spring Equinox and Ostara, herself.

Our delectable limited edition Wild Strawberry and Rose Wandering Rabbits are filled with our house crafted caramel, swirled with prized organic Bulgarian rose water and fragaria vesca, commonly known as fraise des bois strawberries. These beautiful bunnies are captured within an encasement of our proprietary 62% cacao dark chocolate. We raise a glass to New Beginnings, Ostara and her rabbit companions.


10 ml lemon juice
1 1/2 jiggers Koval cranberry gin
150 ml guava juice


Combine all ingredients and stir.