What Does High Vibe & Healing Frequency Mean?

The concept of High Vibe, born of the Aztecs and Mayans, is intimately tied to the history of chocolate. To get out of their heads, and into their heart space, the Mayans turned to chocolate to release their worries and fears. Spending time in your heart’s space inherently raises your vibe, putting the body and mind in an elevated state.  Simply put, High Vibe raises your spirits and brings you up.

Cacao has been lifting people up since its beginnings as the Secret Plant Medicine of the Mayan people. Taking the cacao in hand, the Mayans would crush and emulsify it with water and chilies. This bitter concoction would lighten their mood, make the heart beat faster, and allow them to feel more love for themselves.

When we speak about raising your vibe with chocolate, we are asking the question: “How does one take all the benefits that exist in the cacao plant and bring them to life? How can we lighten your spirit, create consciousness and elevate your mood? How can you feel more love for yourself, connect with other people, and share that energy with the room?” This is the intention.

Raising your vibe with chocolate works best with dark, beautiful cacao. As the percentage grows higher and the cacao gets darker, the benefits will begin to show at the surface. Prepare to feel a bit high, really- and watch your mind open.

This is what nature intended of cacao- for you to elevate yourself, to be able to receive messages from above, and open your heart space to yourself and to others. This is what Vosges Haut-Chocolat means when we say High Vibe.