Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

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  • An open purple candy box embossed in silver foil tied with a purple ribbon bow sits open displaying sixteen dark chocolate truffles adorned in brightly colored spices and chopped nuts on a grey background.
  • Close up view of a Vosges Budapest truffle coated in dark chocolate and topped with Kalocsan paprika on a white background.
  • A purple candy box tied with a purple ribbon bow sits upright displaying sixteen dark chocolate truffles adorned in colorful toppings and chopped nuts on a light grey background.
  • Nutrition Facts and Ingredients of Vosges Haut-Chocolat sixteen piece Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection printed in white san-serif font on a dark purple background.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection, 16 pieces

This 16-piece dark chocolate truffle collection merges truffles from our Exotic, Italian, Groove, and Aztec Collections. Through a deep dark chocolate tasting experience, ranging from 62% to 75% cacao, you will experience so much more than just eating dark chocolate truffles. Delve into how the flowers, roots, herbs, and spices play with dark chocolate from around the world. This collection has become one of our best sellers and is the perfect gift for dark chocolate lovers. A guidebook is included to lead you through your gourmet dark chocolate truffles tasting journey.

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Take a look at what dark chocolate truffles are included in our collection.

(2) Balsamico: 12-year cask aged balsamic vinegar from Modena + 62% cacao dark chocolate + I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts

(2) Black Pearl®: Organic Wakaya ginger + freshly grated wasabi + 72% cacao dark chocolate + ceremonial matcha

(2) Brown Butter: Kerrygold butter ganache + 72% cacao dark chocolate ganache + Matiz-flor de Sal salt

(2) Budapest: Kalocsan paprika + 62% cacao dark chocolate

(2) Chef Pascal: Schwarzwälder kirschwasser + 62% cacao dark chocolate + tart Michigan cherry 

(2) Rap: Horseradish + lemon zest + I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts + Ghanaian cocoa nibs + 62% cacao dark chocolate

(1) Absinthe: Kübler absinthe + Chinese star anise + fennel + 62% cacao dark chocolate + coconut ash

(1) Oaxaca: Guajillo y pasilla chillies + 75% cacao Tanzanian dark chocolate + pumpkin seeds

(1) Polline di Finocchio: Wild Tuscan fennel pollen + 62% cacao dark chocolate 

(1) Red Fire: Ancho chillies + Sri Lankan Ceylon cinnamon + 62% cacao dark chocolate

This collection is FRESH and PERISHABLE. Keep this box of haut-chocolat refrigerated until two hours before serving. Consume by listed expiration date, 14 days from shipment.

Contains: Milk, Soy, Hazelnuts
Processed on equipment that also processes Milk, Soy, Wheat, Peanuts, and Tree Nuts.


What is a dark chocolate truffle?
A dark chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate that has a higher amount of cacao, creating that bitter-sweet taste. It is named a truffle due to its resemblance to truffles, edible fungi, considered a delicacy of the same name. Together it creates the dark chocolate truffles we know and love.

Are dark chocolate truffles good for you?
There have been studies that dark chocolate can actually be good for you. According to Healthline, dark chocolate has a powerful source of antioxidants that help lower some forms of LDL cholesterol when combined with other foods like almonds and cocoa. Learn more about the benefits of dark chocolate.

A Guided Tasting of a Dark Chocolate Truffle:
Our truffles are infused with a healing sound frequency to raise your vibe.

Close your eyes. Take three deep, ujjayi breaths. Listen to the space between thought and prepare your palate to experience chocolate.

Describe what you see. What is the shape, color, sheen and texture?

Run your finger against the chocolate, noticing its texture and releasing the aromatics.

Bring the chocolate to your nose. Close your eyes, cup your hand around the chocolate and inhale deeply.

Enjoy your truffle in two bites. In the first bite, you are just getting to know the truffle, and in the second, you delve deeper, searching out the aromas and nuances. You become immersed in the experience of the chocolate and the sensations. After you’ve eaten the truffle, take a breath and taste the air. The aroma should have a long, lingering finish that is layered with perfumed notes.

"I have found many people to be very passionate about their chocolate, dark lovers most especially! This dark collection merges truffles from our Exotic, Italian, Groove and Aztec Collections through a deep dark chocolate tasting experience, ranging from 65% to 75% cacao. Delve into how the flowers, roots, herbs and spices play with dark chocolate from around the world."

Peace, Love & Chocolate,




    Wasabi Root
    Authentic wasabi rhizome (a root-like stem) is extremely rare in its pure form and traditionally grows along the banks of Japan’s cool mountain streams. It offers a less fiery and more aromatic, verdant herbal spice than its usual imposter – a green-dyed blend of horseradish and mustard seed. I discovered the Mead-Bloeser family who mastered this tricky rhizome and cultivates true, sawa wasabi in the U.S.


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