3 Meditation Tips & Tricks from David Romanelli

My dear friend, David Romanelli, is a long time collaborator and meditation teacher. His series, Meditate On, guides you through a daily meditation practice that can lead to greater presence, less anxiety and peace of mind. David will lead you through a recorded daily meditation that is more than just a listening exercise, “This is where meditation meets friendship, vulnerability, community, laughter, and a very personal sense that you and I are walking this path together.” He will give you the gift of this journey for 21 days as you start to form a daily habit of mediation.  

To start a daily meditation practice, try to either begin or end your day with your meditation. When you tie your meditation to the quiet times of wake or sleep you’re more likely to establish a consistent schedule. 

If you have too much energy to sit in one place or don’t have the time, try a moving meditation. Meditate as you’re on the go. You can can find guided walking meditations or just be present with yourself and consciously listen to your surroundings as you walk.