5 Fall Party Recipes You'll Want to Serve Year Round

Entertain your party guests with an elevated spread of chocolaty noshes, aperitifs, charcuterie and digestifs. Here are 5 of our favorite must-make Fall party food recipes!

Dark Chocolate Ganache Board
Charcuterie boards of all kinds have taken over social media. From butter boards to bagel boards, there's a snack spread for every craving- but a chocolate ganache board? Don't be surprised if your party guests mingle around the grazing table all night long as they indulge! Get the full recipe here.

Moroccan Mulled Wine
Why serve the standard hot toddy when you can sip something extra special? This Moroccan Mulled Wine recipe is warm and sweet and looks gorgeous when served in your favorite glassware, perfect for chilly weather and a communal punch pot. Get the full recipe here.

Cheese & Chocolate Charcuterie
Speaking of charcuterie, autumnal soirees are the perfect time to pull out the cheese board. Creating a cheese and chocolate experience is the ideal way to offer small bites to your partygoers. From soft and hard cheeses to haut-chocolat bars and hot honey, the pairing combinations are endless (and delicious). Get the full recipe here.

Black Pearl Chocolate Chip Cookies
You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't love a warm, ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie. But these Black Pearl Cookies? They are something special. Pile up a plate with these sweet, slightly spicy cookies that feature our fan-favorite Black Pearl Chocolate Chips from the VHC Pantry. Get the full recipe here.

London Fog Cacao Latte
Coffee or tea after dinner and drinks is a must. Not only does tea act as a digestif, but it also acts as a warming salve to the soul as you pour a cup for everyone around the table. Our London Fog Cacao Latte is a decadent take on your everyday Earl Grey. Get the full recipe here.