Cacao, Whole Body Love

Cacao Beans

These raw cacao beans benefit the body, mind, heart and spirit. They are the beautiful superfood base of all chocolate. Cacao beans are an antioxidant food that contains heart healthy flavonoids, mood boosting theobromine and nervous system regulating magnesium. A vibrant infusion for the body and soul.

Cacao beans

Here, cacao beans adorn a ceremonial bowl lovingly made with our Ceremonial Cacao Elixir, a mix of 100% cacao, Ceylon cinnamon, chili, raw honey and Mexican vanilla  prepared with warmed milk. The beans are a reminder that this elixir is made from high vibrational food from the earth. The beads are a beloved item that increases the vibe of the experience and signals, “this is something special.” As you enjoy every sip of this this drink, you receive beneficial beauty.