Carmelite Water

Carmelite water is an ancient recipe, created by the nuns in the abbey of St. Just in France. This “miracle water” was created in the mid-1300s for King Charles V of France. It was his favorite and was quickly coined the name “eau de Melisse” because of the prevailing aroma of lemon balm. As it became more commonly known and desired, this concoction started to be commercially bottled and sold to the public.

Carmelite water has been used as a solution to soothe stress, calm nerves, ease anxiety, treat headaches, ease menstrual cramps, treat indigestion and treat the flu, fevers and colds. It is also an excellent rinse for face, body and hair, and skin toner for the face as it tones pores wonderfully. 

The water is still sold commercially in France today, but it’s easy to whip up your own version.

carmelite water


1 bottle of white wine, vodka or water (if making a tisane)

1 cup fresh lemon, balm or dried (Available at Chef’s Garden)

1/2 cup Angelica root powder (Available at Mountain Rose Herbs)

1 lemon, zested

1/2 tsp nutmeg, freshly grated

1 tsp coriander 


  • Place fresh lemon balm, Angelica root powder, lemon zest, freshly grated nutmeg and bruised coriander seeds in a jar
  • Then fill the jar with the bottle of white wine, vodka or water
  • Stir or shake well to mix everything together
  • After five hours (or you can wait a few days), it will be complete, but be sure to taste as you go to make sure the potency is to your liking!  
  • When you decide your brew is done, strain off the herbs and pour into your preferred glass
  • Pair with the Angelica Sun planetary bombe from The Healer Collection
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