Celebrating the Winter Solstice


For every action, there is a reaction.

For all dark shadows, there is bright, glowing, light.

For every moment of noise, there is a still quiet.

As there is death, there is rebirth.

As the solstice approaches, all that slumber are called into the depths of the fruitful darkness and silence from which they will soon be lured. The solstice is a time of contemplation. Just as the sun prepares to begin the solar cycle anew, we too, are ready to chart a similar path.

It is a time of exploration, to be enchanted by possibility and inspired by the seasons reverie, creating momentum that will carry us through the rest of the winter season as the days languidly get longer. It is a time to dig deep. To be brave. To examine our hearts and find all the light that resides there.

It is a moment to revel in all that nature gives us. To give back to the earth the bountiful pleasures and treasures it brings to us as the days become warmer and the soil cracks with the green buds of spring awakening. How will you celebrate the solstice, surround yourself in light, and draw the sun to you?

Here is a ritual and retreat for the soul that we are planning for ourselves and our loved ones.

At the Altar

Create a sacred space for yourself.

Find a beautiful piece of fabric, a treasured blanket or a soft, beautiful cushion. Put it in the center of your intended space and surround it with branches of evergreen and light colored taper or votive candles.

Sit in the center and close your eyes lightly. Meditate on your most desired dreams and wishes for yourself and those you surround yourself with. What words and phrases rush to you and cling to your thoughts?

When you focus on what comes quickly, what is the word or phrase that makes the most lasting impression on you. Write it down and place it under a chocolate.

Let the chocolate sit and absorb the light of your most fervent desire. Bask in the glow of the light that is all around you and imagine the sun high in the sky shining its light down upon you. Think about how the touch of the light warms your skin. Feel your joints relax. Feel your heart’s beat taking a breath of the golden air.

Now, take your chocolate and luxuriate in the smell, touch, sight and taste of it. Each bite is a commitment to your intention. Each taste is a calling to bring your dreams to the light. Let this luscious chocolate be an expression of the joy of creating your destiny. Let your desire reside in you and exude outside of you. Let the sweet glow of the light surround you and keep you in the great hush of wisdom that resides between you and and glorious sun, ready to be reborn.

If you're deciding which collection or chocolate parfum to create your ritual space with, here are a few of our favorites...


Chocolate Meditation Collection

Our Chocolate Meditation experience is a collection of exotic truffles specifically chosen for their alchemical properties. Each truffle is paired with a corresponding crystal and a deck of affirmation cards. This collection is an indulgent way to tap into your intuition. Whether you are searching the spiritual realm or practical day-to-day matters, this deck can assist. As you close your eyes and shuffle the deck, tap into your intuition, thinking carefully about the area in your life in which you'd like more clarity. Then select your card. The card will provide an intention, paired with which chocolate to eat, and the crystal to hold as an aid for achieving your intention. Meditate using this collection daily for 40 days to encourage your manifestation! 


Ritual Collection for Prosperity 

Rituals are the bridge to connect mind, body, and spirit, creating deeper meaning and alignment with Source Energy. When we radiate with this trinity, through eating chocolate with purpose and intention, the everyday becomes extraordinary. Our Prosperity Ritual is housed in our ritual collection gift box and includes our nine-piece Exotic Truffle collection, Turmeric Ginger chocolate bar, Ritual Journal, Citrine crystal, sage smudge stick, and a guided ritual card.

High-Phenolic Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate Vegan Truffle Collection

Meet our latest and greatest Vegan Truffle innovation. We blended a treasured early-harvest olive oil with our proprietary dark chocolate and added luscious pockets of fruits, nuts, and superior sourced ingredients. Having a minimal amount of sugar present in the chocolate, and using fruits to sweeten them, these vegan truffles are low in sweetness and sumptuously rich without any dairy. The collection offers four of our newest parfums: Black Forest Cherry, Bronte Pistachio, Fermented Almond Butter, and Tahitian Orchid Vanilla.

As you wake in the morning of the days leading up to the solstice, remind yourself that you exist in an exquisite crosspoint. In this moment you are between the dawn and the daylight. The night and the day. The shadows and the light. Your dreams and wishes are right before you. As your eyes flutter open they will begin to belong to you. Just follow the path of the sun...and trust.