Inside the 2023 Calendar of Advent

Way back in January, we began the quest to create our most magical Calendar of Advent yet. After sourcing endless inspiration, going through rounds of edits, and creating mock up after mock up, the Vosges Haut-Chocolaterie came to life...

We delved deep to touch our roots as we designed this year's Calendar of Advent. Inspired by some of our great loves- French architecture, classic films like Chocolat, and the interior of our own Chocolate Lab, this combination of head, heart, and hands helps us create Christmas magic, which we consider one of our most significant undertakings to date.

Not only does this year's Advent Calendar immerse you in the season's spirit through delicious haut-chocolat, but it also transports you to that little chocolate shoppe or your hometown chocolaterie as you ring the counter bell and await a friendly face. Greeted with a warm smile and decadent confections, we hope you find yourself on this mental journey with us, traveling to a place where the Holidays make you feel at home.


Experience triple the decadence in honor of our 25th Anniversary! A mesmerizing ballet of lights awakens at the mere touch of a button, serenading you with soft, captivating tunes. Each portal, lavish and brimming with haut-chocolat, sparkles under the orchestral rhythm of the "Dance of the Reed Flutes," casting an ethereal shimmer on the façade of the Calendar of Advent Chocolate Shoppe.

Elevate your December days into moments of abundance with our exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime chocolate advent calendar. With every sunrise or sunset, unveil a handcrafted chocolate gem painstakingly designed and nestled within its assigned alcove.

And we're adding an unexpected thrill for this festive season—a 25th chamber overflowing with delights handpicked for Christmas Day! Revel in the allure, the grandeur, the unparalleled charm of Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

Reserve Your 2023 Calendar of Advent and let the count down begin!