Ruriko + Cucumber Shiso Lemon Refresher

Cucumber Shiso Lemon Refresher

Cucumber Shiso Lemon Refresher

Recipe Serves 4


½ cup cucumber chopped in small pieces

¼ cup fresh shiso leaves*

4 oz. King St.™ Vodka 

2 cups lemonade

Ruriko Truffle: Kokuto black sugar caramel with double fermented shoyu + 62% cacao dark chocolate ganache + electric blue algae-hued 36% cacao white chocolate


In a cocktail pitcher filled with ice, muddle cucumber and shiso leaves.
Pour in vodka and lemonade. Stir. Pour into your favorite coupe and garnish with a shiso leaf.

Tricks of the Trade:

*When ordering sushi, ask them to include extra shiso leaves and you can use them for this recipe.

*If you have the time, infuse your King St.™ Vodka with shiso instead of muddling. Add the shiso leaf and a half of honeydew lemon to the vodka and let it infuse for 4 days.