Haut-Chocolat History: The Origin of the Easter Basket

Haut-Chocolat History: The Origin of the Easter Basket

When vibrant flowers bloom in every corner and the scent of Spring dances in the air, the arrival of Easter is eagerly anticipated. Renewal and the spirit of joy are palpable.

At the heart of Easter festivities is the creation and sharing of Easter baskets, woven with love and adorned with the colors of Spring- especially a dash of haut-chocolat purple. Each basket promises surprises, carefully crafted to capture the essence of tradition, a rich tapestry of history and cultural evolution. The Easter basket's origins trace back to ancient pagan festivals celebrating Spring and fertility, symbolizing the renewal of life. These early celebrations involved baskets filled with early spring crops, seeds, and flowers as tokens of the season's abundance and new growth. As traditions evolved, the concept of the Easter basket adapted, becoming intertwined with the Christian celebration of Easter. Yet, its roots remained deeply connected to themes of renewal and rebirth inherent to the arrival of Spring.

Over the centuries, this tradition has transformed, with the modern Easter basket becoming a vessel for gifts, often including painted eggs, sweets, and toys, reflecting both historical significance and contemporary joy. The basket, once a simple container for the season's first fruits, now symbolizes the season's joie de vivre, blending ancient customs with modern celebrations of renewal and community.

Fill your woven wonders with an assortment of treats that embody the tastes of Spring. Nestle eggs and chocolate bunnies with their ears peeking out playfully inside and surround them with other delights of the season. The time is now to celebrate the tastes of Spring as we embrace nature's renewal!

Build Your Basket 

Magical Flop-Eared Chocolate Bunny

No Easter basket is complete without a playful chocolate rabbit. Our high-spirited, curious, magical bunny hops in with a spring in his step. With just a hint of his silly, sweet shyness displayed in his bent ear, our 45% deep milk chocolate bunny is blended with gentle, slightly sweet pink Himalayan sea salt, giving the chocolate a floral finish and a little bit of crunch. 



Petite Easter Delights 

Peanut butter chocolate eggs and miniature chocolate rabbits are an excellent addition to any Easter basket, and arguably, even more popular than the classic chocolate bunny. Our Peanut Butter Bonbon Eggs, Raspberry Rabbits, and Crispy Lemon Rabbits are nestled in festive Spring packaging and make the perfect keepsake after the celebrations have concluded. 


Otis the Magical Snuggle Bunny

Speaking of bunnies, from our friends at "Bunnies by the Bay," here comes Otis: our gentle, luxe, plush bunny. The name “Otis” means “good listener," and Otis has turned his big floppy ears to hear the happy whispers and songs of spring!

Otis is sweet, tender, and, oh-my-gosh, unbelievably soft. This stuffed animal has a hand-embroidered face, pink cheeks, a big fluffy tail, velour-lined ears, and is ready to hop into the celebration. 


Hazelnut Chocolate Mushrooms 

Bunnies and eggs are an inherent sign of the season, but so are the blossoms and miniature toadstools that pop up along the river banks and across forest floors. Our miniature chocolate mushrooms are an homage to these little "fun guys" and reveal a surprise delicacy: they are filled with sweet, meaty hazelnuts from Piemonte, Italy.

These hazelnuts are the finest in the world, and we blend them with 45% deep milk chocolate for a bite that is both creamy and crunchy. Whether adding to a basket or keeping for yourself, this petite indulgence offers a playful spin on the Easter chocolate classics. 


Enchanted Mushroom Extraordinaire 

Fans of Vosges know that we have an affinity for the fantastical, and this oversized magical mushroom may be our magnum opus. Made and decorated by hand, each Mushroom Extraordinaire stands nearly 6 inches tall, weighs 1.25 pounds, and is filled with soft dark chocolate hazelnut and Chaga mushroom ganache—the ultimate centerpiece for any Spring fête or supreme Easter basket. 


Easter Hatbox Giftset 

Building the perfect Easter basket is even easier with the Vosges Easter Hatbox Giftset. Filled to the brim and tied together in an indulgent bundle with our Ultima Materia scarf, take a bite of our Hazelnut Chocolate Mushrooms, handcrafted with rare I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts and our proprietary milk chocolate. A flop-eared Magical Bunny of solid 45% cacao deep milk chocolate and pink Himalayan sea salt. Then, nibble your way through two Chocolate Caramel Marshies and savor our Red Hawaiian Salt Caramels. Our Easter Hatbox provides the perfect balance of Spring parfums and seasonal delight. 


We wish you and yours the happiest Easter and the most magical Spring! Take a bite of the entire Easter & Spring collection here