Big Nibble 20" - Otis the Magical Snuggle Bunny by Bunnies by the Bay

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  • An enormous soft, plush white rabbit with long floppy ears sits upright on a white background viewed from behind.
  • An enormous soft-plush, white snuggle rabbit by bunnies by the bay sits upright on a white background displaying dimensions in purple text.

Big Nibble 20" - Otis the Magical Snuggle Bunny by Bunnies by the Bay

From our friends at "Bunnies by the Bay" comes our gentle, luxe, plush bunny named Otis.  The name “Otis” means “good listener," and Otis has turned his big floppy ears to hear the happy whispers and songs of spring!

Otis is sweet, tender, and, oh-my-gosh, unbelievably soft. This stuffed animal has a hand-embroidered face, pink cheeks, a big fluffy tail, and velour-lined ears, making Otis the perfect gift for baby showers and little ones for years to come. 

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Otis the Magical Bunny, 1 bunny
Overall approx. 20"T measured from head to outstretched toe
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Peace, Love & Chocolate,

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