10 Ways to Use a Vosges Chocolate Bar

Simple, delicious, decadent. The humble chocolate bar can do much more than satisfy a midday (or midnight) craving. From s'mores to sauces to ice cream toppings, here are 10 of our favorite ways to use a Vosges chocolate bar. 

Of course, a good marshmallow is important when it comes to creating the perfect s'more, but your choice of chocolate is what takes your standard campfire confection to an everyday craving. Believe it or not, this classic combination will taste even better when sandwiched with a Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar or a piece of our Black Salt Caramel Bar. Adding a bit of salt to the sweetness makes each facet of the flavor shine that much brighter.

And for those who are more into the chocolate than the graham, why not skip the crust entirely? Slap that melty marshie between two pieces of chocolate instead. There are no rules when it comes to creating the perfect s'more. 

As we said before, there are no rules when it comes to creating the chocolaty concoction of your dreams. Our fan-favorite Chocolate Magic Shell recipe may call for a trip to the VHC Pantry, but using a Vosges chocolate bar instead will maximize that magic shell flavor.

Rather than melting down baking chips and coconut oil, try tempering a chunk of our Barcelona Chocolate Bar to get that sweet, salty roasted almond flavor, or a piece of our Dulce de Leche Bar for a more caramelly magic shell. Once you've made the magic happen, simply dip your favorite fruits, pretzels, or drizzle atop a bowl of ice cream. 

Our beloved Raw Honey Cacao Chocolate Bar is an enduring parfum in our chocolate bar collection. The floral nectar of raw honey harmonizes with the intensity of dark chocolate, making it perfect for balancing the sweetness of ice cream, custard, or frozen yogurt. With a little bit of preparation and a few minutes of heat, you can create a decadent chocolate sauce fit for eating plain with a spoon. See the full recipe here

Charcuterie, Please!

The global charcuterie obsession is still going strong and for good reason. Who doesn't love a pick-over-style meal where you can create your favorite bits and bites using all the ingredients available? But charcuterie boards are more than just cheeses and meats (though we love when they are).

For a sweeter take, try creating a Dark Chocolate Ganache Board to serve with Manchego cheese, Marcona almonds, sliced figs, and mini croccantini. Our Parmesan Walnut Chocolate Bar and Manchego Cherry Chocolate Bar are perfect for creating the ganache itself, serving alongside, or as an additional topping. 

Cool & Creamy Ice Cream Sandwiches

When you think of an ice cream sandwich, you likely think of that spongey yet delicious faux-chocolate rectangle or a big scoop of vanilla ice cream stuck between two giant cookies. Either way, this particular dessert roots itself in the memories of the majority. 

Our take on this much-loved classic can go a few ways. If you're a fan of the cookie route, this particular recipe will certainly get your palate going. Picture two big freshly baked cookies, filled with bits and pieces of our Raw Honey Chocolate Bar or Dulce de Leche Chocolate Bar. Then, take those piping hot pretties and sandwich a scoop of your favorite ice cream inside. If you're craving a little more chocolate than usual, rather than chopping up all your chocolate bars, place one large square atop the cookie before baking for the best bite of your life. 

Sundae Toppings

Do you know that carton of vanilla ice cream that’s been sitting in your freezer for a while? Or that random pint you grabbed that turned out to need a little something more? Well, we’ve got the fix!  

If you’re anything like us, you probably keep a stockpile of your favorite chocolate bars on hand (and if you don’t, you should). So go ahead and grab a bar and a sharp knife! Adding a handful of chopped chocolate bar atop a bowl of ice cream is the easiest way to start your sundae. From there, you can add crushed pretzels, nuts, or slices of fruit to make it even more delicious. We love chopping and pairing our Barcelona Chocolate Bar with fresh blackberries and vanilla bean ice cream, or our Turmeric Ginger Chocolate Bar with persimmon, pistachio gelato, and a drizzle of orange blossom honey.

Sweeten Your Breakfast

Breakfast sweets often include waffles, pancakes, and French toast. But if your sweet tooth requires something a little more hearty and a little less “heavy” then this Sourdough & Chocolate Toast is for you.

Sourdough is a naturally leavened bread that takes time to make and master, but the result is worth it. Warm and slightly sour, this bread tastes extra delicious when topped with our Banana Coconut Chocolate Bar making it the perfect breakfast treat. Simply break up about 1/3 of your chocolate bar and place it atop the freshly toasted bread. The heat from the sourdough should be enough to soften the chocolate, just enough to turn it into a spread. If you desire some additional sweetness, try drizzling your breakfast toast with a bit of wildflower honey.

Smoothie Time

Smoothies can be a wonderful source of nutrition and protein, perfect for starting your day, replenishing after a workout, or enjoying as a dessert. This Spiced Fig Smoothie is packed with high vibe ingredients like kefir, figs, bananas, and of course, cacao.

Using a Turmeric Ginger Chocolate Bar or Matcha Green Tea & Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate Bar, follow this recipe and blend your ingredients. Beyond chocolate, you’re going to need organic whole milk kefir, honey, figs, bananas, a few spices, and some ice. The beauty of this recipe is it can be tailored to your tastes or time of year by swapping out fruits, kefir flavors, and chocolate bar parfums.

Garnishes & Pairings

The proper pairing or garnish can make your everyday cocktail into a full-on flavorful experience. Not to mention, pairing chocolate and cocktails makes a gorgeous table setting for any party or soiree. 

Our Matcha Melon Martini, Strawberry Negroni Slushy, and Banana Rum Cocktail are all elevated by their chocolate bar partners. Try stacking a few pieces alongside your cocktail glass to nibble as you sip, or set a piece on the rim or cocktail skewer for a more immersive garnish.

A Richer Risotto

Risotto is an ever-popular Italian dish that for many represents feelings of warmth and home. Common interpretations include mushrooms and various kinds of cheese. This particular risotto recipe relies on combining the savory with the slightly sweet. 

Beyond the delicious Arborio rice, our Parmesan Walnut & Fig Chocolate Bar is the star of the show. Though it acts as a garnish, the slightly melted dark chocolate is key to the full melding of flavors in this dish. 

These 10 recipes and ideas barely scratch the surface of what a chocolate bar can do. From breakfast to lunch, to dinner and dessert, it is truly possible to make a whole day's worth of meals featuring chocolate bars as the unifying ingredient. Bookmark this page and head over to our Chocolate Bar Collection to pick a few of your favorites and keep your pantry stocked!