The Sweet Trail Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a special day celebrated worldwide to express love and affection for one another. It has become a tradition to give presents, from lavish gifts to the most popular, chocolates and flowers. But how did chocolates and sweets become so popular to give on Valentine's Day? From candy sweethearts to gourmet chocolates, a Valentine's Day Gift isn’t complete without one or the other. Let's look at the history of Valentine’s Day and how candy became a way of showering the ones we love with our affection.

Why Is Chocolate Associated With Valentine's Day?

To understand why we give chocolates, we need to know who started giving chocolate on Valentine's Day and how it became a tradition. It is unclear who gave the first chocolates on Valentine’s Day; however, the connection between chocolate and love dates back to the Mayans. The Mayans started brewing cacao beans around 500 BC. They believed chocolate was a gift from the gods and eventually used it in marriage ceremonies as a symbol of love and devotion. Two millennia later, chocolate made its way to Europe, and from there, it took a couple of hundred years to become a staple.

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Who Created The First Valentine's Day Box Of Chocolates?

In 1861, a candy-maker named Richard Cadbury had recently improved his chocolate-making technique, allowing him to create a variety of chocolates and recognized a great marketing opportunity. He was the first to have thought of selling chocolates for Valentine’s day, packaging them in popular symbols of romance among the Victorians. He created the heart-shaped box packaging that has now become a staple of Valentine’s day chocolates.

Why Do We Give Chocolate On Valentine's Day?

Easy, chocolate is not only delicious but is said to have an emotional effect on people and is believed to have aphrodisiac properties! Many give chocolates when expressing their feelings, whether simply expressing appreciation, initiating desire, or wanting to apologize and rekindle a friendship. Whether it's a friend, family, or lover, giving chocolates can uplift one’s mood. Dark chocolate also has fantastic benefits for your health. We also infuse all of our chocolates with a 528hZ frequency, which creates a transformational, healing, and miracle-manifesting experience.


What Is The Most Popular Valentine's Day Chocolate Flavor

While heart-shaped boxes of chocolates remain undefeated as the most popular chocolates for Valentine's Day, milk chocolate is still a worldwide favorite flavor. If you don’t know what type of chocolates someone prefers, an assortment of chocolates is always a safe choice. But one popular question still asked today is ‘where to buy Valentine's Day chocolate?’. If you're looking for a “set of chocolates that are both gorgeously luxurious and artistic with an ethereal flair," our gourmet chocolates are perfect. They are, after all, ranked #1 on the tastingtable!

The history of chocolate and Valentine's Day have coexisted for many years, and looking back at history, it answers the famous question, “why do we give chocolate on Valentine's day?”. While Valentine’s Day can be stressful, taking a bite of some delicious gourmet chocolates can melt all that stress away.