Walnut and Chanterelle Elixir

Walnut and Chanterelle Elixir

Boost your immunity with this Walnut and Chanterelle Elixir. Walnuts have a wealth of polyunsaturated fats. Adding walnuts to one’s diet has been shown to lower LDL or bad cholesterol. And mushrooms are one of nature’s most giving medicinal plants. Chanterelle mushrooms contain beta-glucans and fifteen different amino acids. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D and Beta-Carotene.


6 oz. Pure Plant Walnut and Chantarelle Chocolate Bar

5 oz. tahini 

2 oz. olive oil 

Pinch of pink salt 

90 drops forest grown American ginseng elixir (~3 droppers full) 

90 drops Damiana elixir (~3 droppers full) 

2 teaspoons rose honey 

2 teaspoons raw coconut butter, manna


Melt 3 oz. of chocolate gently over water bath. While melting the chocolate, combine tahini, olive oil, pinch of pink salt and water in a blender and mix well. Set aside. Add remaining 3 oz. of chocolate to the melted chocolate and melt over simmering water bath that has been turned off from the heat source. Mix in blended ingredients, stir to combine and then transfer to your serving mug. Enjoy!


If tahini is separated, it should be blended first in a blender.

Where to Buy:

My favorite source for herbal supplements is Mountain Rose Herbs