High Vibe Slumber Bath Salt

Bathe, Relax, Love...

Practice self-love by treating yourself to an infused bathing experience. Turn your bathtub into your own sacred spot to unwind, reflect and meditate. Follow our bath salt recipe and guidance for a relaxing, zen experience!

What you'll need...

Essential Oils – I like to source my essential oils from Starwest Botanicals
2 tsp lavender
1 tsp clary sage
1 tsp frankincense, pine, or cypress
8 drops geranium
2 cups Epsom Salts
½ cup Pink Himalayan Salt
½ cup Bentonite White Clay (optional)
2 tsp. Vitamin C powder, optional
Lepidolite crystal

Add all ingredients to a non-reactive bowl and mix with a wooden spoon. Pour mixture into a glass or clay vessel. Place Lepidolite crystal into the salt mixture and place lid on top.

For Deep Relaxation...

Infuse you bath water with the Lepidolite Stone. This is a stone of transition, known to assist in the release of anxiety and worry and is said to induce deep emotional healing. Lepidolite dissipates negativity and insists on being used for the highest good.

Bathhouses were sacred spaces to release the stresses of life through a bathing experiences for the Greeks and Romans as far back as the sixth century B.C.. This process learned from those ancient times is still important now to incorporate into our daily lives to create a harmony between the hustle and bustle and the inner spiritual desire for reflection, release and visceral connection. Creating a ritual of the bathing experience will rejuvenate your heart and Lift up your Vibration.

SO it begins...

Smudge the corners of the bathroom using a feather to pulse the smoke into every corner to cleanse your space.

On a piece of paper write down your intentions which have yet to happen, key word is yet. These goals of the day should be big aspirations and start your sentence with “I am so grateful for wining big time at....

Draw a warm bath filling half way up with 1 cup of the High Vibe Slumber bath salts depending on the size of the tub. Declare your intention for your bath to cleanse away unwanted energy and fill your mind and spirit with what will manifest.

Set the mood. I personally love to light candles, interspersed with my favorite crystals, flowers, pictures of your favorite travel destination and music or chanting. Think of it as your own personal altar to pay homage to yourself. Choose the elements that inspire you to be all around, remembering this bath is meant to deeply relax and restore your body.

After soaking for 25 minutes, rinse off the bath water with fresh warm water. While your skin is still wet run a block of cocoa butter on your skin and air dry so all the fantastic butter stays on the skin.