3 Chocolate Gifts for Leo Season

Get ready for a confidence boost! Leo season has arrived making it the perfect time to be bold, get passionate, and have fun. Those born under Leo tend to be charming and driven individuals with a brave and caring nature that makes them an amazing friend and perfect partner. If you have a Leo in your life, here are 3 chocolate gifts that will feed their star power!

Charming Leo loves to entertain, especially when they're the star of the show. Our Ceretto Barolo Chocolate Pairing Giftbox offers all the tools a Leo may need to entertain friends with an evening of wine and haut-chocolat. This giftbox comes with our comprehensive wine and chocolate experience book, which will provide a plethora of tasting knowledge that your Leo love can use to impress their guests. 

With all their courageous nature, Leos have a tendency to be a bit stubborn or melodramatic. You can help ease their woes with our Dream Truffle Collection. This particular box of chocolate truffles was designed to encourage sleep and relaxation, wellness, and the manifestation of dreams. Superior sourced ingredients like Tulsi, chamomile, lavender, and red forest berries come together to create a concoction befitting of soothing the lion's roar. 

Decadent, regal, and multilayered, La Bombe is much like a Leo. With a crown of edible gold, this chocolaty confection is one of our most prized innovations. Irresistible Reishi mushroom and hazelnut ganache meets a divine concoction of dulce de leche, cacao nibs, and our proprietary chocolate. Once combined, this piece of chocolate magic becomes a craving any Leo will seek out again and again.