Haut-Chocolat Zodiac: What's Your Sign?

Who doesn't love a quiz or a chart that tells you what kind of coffee, tea, color, or television character aligns with your zodiac sign? It's natural to want to know what "represents you" or matches up with your sun, moon, or rising. So, let's talk about your sign in the context of haut-chocolat!


Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac year, like the Naga, our first truffle and the one that started it all. Those born under Aries tend to be outgoing and strong-willed. This also rings true of the Naga truffle, with its bright, bombastic flavor profile and enduring popularity.

Taurus - I.G.P. Piemonte Hazelnut
Patient, reliable Taurus reminds us of the hazelnut. Intense, sometimes inflexible, but loving and warm-hearted nonetheless.

Gemini - Forest Raspberry Rose
Dark and sweet, like the Gemini, the Forest Raspberry Rose truffle has two sides that make up its deliciosity. Gemini babes tend to be charming yet cunning, adaptable but sometimes inconsistent, adding to the balance and variety of life.

Loyal, imaginative, proud. If Cancer isn't the Rooster truffle, then who is?! The Rooster stands tall and has an innovative combination of Taleggio cheese, vanilla bean, walnuts, and dark chocolate, creating a flavor balance like Cancer's more emotional sides.

Shining star Leo is the "la bombe" of many people's lives. Fiery, dramatic, and destined to be loved, Leo and La Bombe proudly wear a crown of gold.

Virgo - Sicilian Blood Orange
When we think of the classic chocolate orange, we think of an enduring, practical flavor with a bright finish. Like our blood orange truffle, Virgo works hard, is incredibly reliable, and is meticulous but quite enthusiastic.

Libra - Wink of the Rabbit
Libra's are one of the more romantic, pleasing, and easy-to-get-along-with signs. They tend to be naturally balanced, like Wink of the Rabbit, a delicious combination of soft burnt caramel, milk chocolate, and New Mexican pecans. Like Libra, this truffle is very easy to indulge in.

Scorpio - Absinthe
Everyone has an opinion about Scorpios. Ours? They sense everything: the good, the bad, the delicate balance between emotions. We've personified Scorpio as the Absinthe truffle due to Absinthe's ability to make you see and feel ways you've not felt before. Granted, this truffle tastes like nothing you've ever tasted before.

Though Sag is a winter sign, they are a fiery bunch. The Chef Pascal truffle gives major Sagittarius vibes due to the inclusion of tart cherry. Cherries historically represent freedom with a hint of seduction, like Sagittarius', who are known for their upbeat, freedom-loving, charming nature.

Capricorn is an exciting sign that leaves a lasting impression on those around them, like the Rap truffle, compromised of a unique yet decadent flavor profile of horseradish, lemon zest, hazelnuts, Ghanaian cocoa nibs, and dark chocolate.

Aquarius and violet flowers are natural mates. Bright, eye-catching, and easy to care for...so long as you play by their rules. The Viola truffle channels Aquarian energy with dark chocolate and candied violets, garnished with a mini floret.

Ambrosia historically  referenced the "food of the gods." Something decadent and pleasing on the tongue. How fitting as Pisces strives to connect with the divine and ethereal with their gentle, compassionate, and artistic nature.