Personalizing Your Vosges Gifts

I have developed a tradition of giving gifts in threes. I love the idea of variety and pampering one with multiple gifts. My guideline, there should be texture to the gift wrappings which should feel hand touched. Something from the heart.

I start with painting a heart and their initials on a note card or lovely piece of paper, anything that calls me for that person. In the case of kids giving a gift to a parent or a grandparent, my children paint a picture on a canvas or special object that, year after year, will build into a collection of art pieces kept for years to come. 

Second, I always give a Library Of Chocolate Bars because everyone loves and needs different chocolates in their home. Shopping for someone with a dietary restriction? Explore our collection of vegan chocolate gifts, including vegan truffles, bars and more.

Third, I give something that will make them feel good, a gift that taps into their creativity. I’ll often put together a kit, like a drawing kit full of indigo chunks and special paper that inspires and ignites their creativity. Or scents, different oils that can be mixed and matched based on a mood. 

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