3 Chocolate Gifts for Taurus Season

Power, determination, tenacity. The themes of Taurus season permeate throughout our daily lives in the form of hard-working energy and practicality. Taureans are known for their rock-solid attitudes and ability to stay steady and focused in the face of persuasion. If you're looking for something to celebrate the Taurus in your life, read on! 


Comfort Food Tower

Taureans like their creature comforts, making the Comfort Food Tower the perfect gift for this star sign. Decadent Caramel Marshmallows, creamy Peanut Butter Bonbons, and crunchy Bapchi's Toffee come in a delicious stack all wrapped up in our signature Vosges purple bow. A perfect presentation for any present. 


Wellness Chocolate Bar Library

 The Wellness Chocolate Bar Library is a great gift for those born under the bull. Taureans like to indulge, but it's important that they do so mindfully to keep their energy up. Our Wellness Bar Library features a curated collection of haut-chocolat bars crafted with apoptogenic and superior sourced ingredients allowing your recipient to feel good about what they're eating. 


Ritual Collection for New Beginnings 

Though strong and stable, Taureans often struggle with stubbornness. They tend to resist change and prefer things to go their way. The Chocolate Ritual Collection for New Beginnings is a perfect companion for anyone needing a bit of encouragement in the face of change.