A Ritual for Self-Love

You are important. You are worthy. You are loved. Make your well-being and happiness a priority every single day. We have a ritual for you to use as part of your self-love practice. Make time for yourself to reflect, accept and love. Try our High Vibe Slumber Bath Salt Recipe to create your own self-love ritual.
  1. Lie down on a flat surface while holding the chocolate in your dominant hand.
  2. Breathe deeply seven times.
  3. Meditate on the following statement of your purpose: “To the divine angels of protection, guidance, and abundance, I thank you for the blessing of self-love as I move forward in full faith. So be it. So be it. So be it. So it is.”
    • Repeat as many times as you need until these words ring true
  4. Say out loud: “I choose love for myself.”
  5. Set a timer for eleven minutes and eleven seconds. 11:11
  6. As you rest in the solace of self-love, eat the chocolate and savor it.
  7. Place your hands gently over your heart, close your eyes and breathe.
  8. As you listen to your breath know in your heart and soul that self-love is the foundation for all things.
  9. You can shift and change your life at any time through peace.