Entertaining 101: How to Set a Dessert Table During the Holidays

The weather is turning cooler, and pumpkin spice is just about everywhere. Even though it doesn’t make its way into our sweet treat recipes, it is a universal indicator that the holidays a quickly approaching. 

At Vosges, we love just about nothing more than hosting a soiree and as the holiday season gets into full swing. With particular attention paid to our favorite part of any dinner party, dessert, here are some of our healthy holiday tips and favorite luxury chocolates for your holiday dessert bar this year.

The dessert table or dessert bar is an expression of you and your guests. Is your party an evening of elegance and floral arrangements, an eclectic celebration, a rustic outdoor affair, or an intimate family birthday party? Your buffet table takes on more meaning when you consider who it’s for and the mood you want to set for the dessert display. 

Your dessert display should be given its own place separate from the rest of the nibbles and imbibements. Perhaps a coffee table, bar cart or buffet. Here, your dessert table can begin to take shape. We also recommend learning how to store chocolate properly just in case you end up with extra sweet treats! 

Think about the sweets table as a canvas, one to which you will want to add color, décor, points of interest and focal points. Is there a particular color theme for your sweets table? Chances are you have lots of things to add color to your table right in your home. 

Colored candles, cake stands, greenery, and floral arrangements add an instant boost of color to your table. A special linen, cloth napkins, vintage handkerchiefs, and beautiful coasters, also add interest to any holiday dessert table. Choose colorful glassware and dishes and metallic touches like candlesticks, candelabras and silver serving pieces to make your table fancy and festive.

Of course, a dessert table cannot be complete without Vosges, so here are a few of our favorites for creating a candy bar as part of your spread for your wedding, Thanksgiving, or any other type of holiday party.

For sharing a chocolate experience and adding a touch of drama to your candy buffet or cake table, choose out of our dessert table ideas:

The Enchanted Collection

Our best and beloved truffles inspired by Katrina’s travels around the world create this limited-edition collection. Our proprietary recipe blend of chocolate, spices, herbs, roots, and botanicals are sourced for their superior qualities. The truffle collection includes an enclosure book with guided tasting notes, ingredient sourcing details, and experiential truffle stories.

Want something savory with all your mini desserts and decor? This will be just the thing to bring the perfect combination of salt and sweetness to a rustic dessert table, you may even want to add some cheese as an accompaniment:

Rosemary Marcona Almond Toffee

The sweet blossoms waft through the rows of pink and white blooming trees whose fruit drape in ceremony bestowed with Spain’s famed Marcona almonds. The magnificent Marcona is a softer, more elegant almond than its more common cousin. Rounder, plump, rich and smooth, its buttery flavor and texture are a fine marriage with the woodsy pine notes of rosemary and our caramelized toffee. A delectable crunch enrobed in deep milk chocolate. A true delicacy for the season.

For a sweet treat  that is sweet, rich and like the spirit of Italy in a single bite, these truffles are an elegant addition to the decor table:

Bronte Pistachio Truffles

From the volcanic hills of Mount Etna in Sicily comes the treasured Bronte Pistachio. This well guarded recipe secret of Italy is blended with marzipan, Native American yaupon green tea and 72% cacao dark chocolate. 

Add to these wonderful selections your favorite mini desserts in delicate cups or on tea plates. Don’t forget mini pies, whether it be the seasonal sensation, pumpkin pie, or a family favorite. 

Oh, and don’t forget the kiddos who are generally partial to cake pops, Rice Krispie treats, and cupcakes, but will also be super excited to try our newest gnomes:

Peppermint Candy Cane Gnomes

Enchant your environment with our matcha, peppermint turned chocolate gnomes. These statuesque dainties are a symbol of good fortune and wish-granting to benevolent-hearted humans

For the adults, pour your favorite champagne into your favorite coups and serve over our seasonal champagne truffles. They’re classic and delectable!

Champagne Truffles

85% cacao dark chocolate has been married to renowned Krug™ Grand Cuvée and Crème de Cassis. Encased in our proprietary dark chocolate, each has been hand topped with 23-karat gold leaf, completing each precious gem.

How will you share dessert with friends and family this holiday season? We would love to see photos of your dessert spreads! Post them to our Instagram using #vosgesdesserttable. Enjoy the start of the holidays and of course, always say yes to dessert!