Healing Waters Peace Ritual

“I personally love to light candles, interspersed with my favorite crystals, flowers, pictures of favorite travel destinations, music or chanting. Think of the space as your own personal altar to pay homage to yourself. Choose elements that inspire you, remembering that this bath is meant to deeply relax and restore your body.” -Katrina

Let us begin…

Find your breath. Close your eyes and inhale. Ground and center yourself.

Release any thoughts or worries you have in your mind by collecting them in your hands and discarding them to your sides. Visualize standing underneath a waterfall to cleanse away any self-doubt or fear.

Smudge the corners of your bathroom using a feather to pulse smoke into every corner, cleansing your space.

In your journal, write down your intentions, which have yet to happen. The key word is yet.

These goals should be big aspirations. Start your sentence with “I am so grateful for winning at...”

Draw a warm bath, filling it halfway and adding in one cup of the Healing Waters bath salts.

healing waters bath salts

Declare your intention out loud. Your intention will cleanse away unwanted energy and fill your mind and spirit with what will manifest.

Set the mood. Soak for 25 minutes.

Rinse off the bath water with fresh warm water.

While your skin is still wet, run a block of cocoa butter on your skin and airdry. All the fantastic butter will absorb into the skin.

Next, define this intention’s energy with taste, sound and color.

Choose your chocolate.

Come to a comfortable seated or resting position on the ground.

Visualize peace and say, “To the divine energy of peace, guidance and abundance, I thank you for the blessings as I move forward in this light”.

Place the chocolate in your dominant hand and breathe seven times, deeply.

Say out loud: “I am at peace. I am in peace. I am peace. They are in peace”. Close your eyes and visualize this for 11 minutes and 11 seconds.

As you rest in this place of peace, eat the chocolate. Notice all of the sensory cues; how it sounds, feels, smells, looks and tastes.

Place your hands gently over your heart, close your eyes, and know in your heart and soul that peace surrounds and guides you.

Recommended Haut-Chocolat Pairing: 

Ritual Collection for Peace

peace ritual

Draw a warm bath, filling it half way and adding in one cup of the Healing Waters bath soak. Set the mood by lighting candles and placing your cherished crystals around the bath. Soak for 25 minutes and then rinse with warm water. While you are still wet, run a block of cocoa butter over your skin and airdry to allow the fantastic butter to envelop you.

Follow Katrina's recommendation to create your own bath. Watch Video.