Chocolate Winter Magic: The 2023 Holiday Collection

Introducing...Chocolate Winter Magic
The 2023 Holiday Collection

"The symbolic allure of the dragon in alchemy is akin to the mystical dance of firelight upon ancient manuscripts, where words transmute into incantations of transformation. In the medium of symbolism, the dragon emerges as a primeval embodiment of chaos and potential, a serpentine conduit between realms unseen. Notice the scales glisten like jewels representative of the alchemical process, each a metaphorical stage in the journey of transmutation. In the short view, the dragon embodies the volatile prima materia, the unrefined essence from which all elements spring forth, igniting the crucible of transformation with its fiery breath. It is the alchemist's mirror, reflecting the inner turmoil and desires on the surface of its scales yet to be refined.

When you commit to feeding your desire with action, you enter the manifesting state of the visionary; the dragon becomes the guardian of the Philosopher's Stone, a guardian of secrets that leads the adept through the labyrinthine chambers of the psyche. Its wings, an invocation of air, carry the seeker to lofty heights of understanding, while its coiled form, bathed in earth's embrace, symbolizes the grounding of knowledge. In the long and intricate tapestry of alchemy, the dragon embodies the Magnum Opus, the great work. It symbolizes the confrontation with shadow, the chaos of the subconscious, and the eventual integration of these aspects into a unified whole.

A fellow alchemist, Edward Vasquez from Studio Esoterica, designed the majestic dragon on our cover. Edward and I studied with the same teacher at the Alchemy Guild and met in Egypt earlier this year. That meeting was kismet as we were both working on dragon issues and Egypt, which brought us into a massive discomfort and allowed for massive transformation and growth. If you are comfortable, this is the telltale sign that the dragon is signaling it is time for a change. If you choose not to act on this tightening nudge, the universe will step in to quicken your evolution, and we don't want that. Feel your way through the unknown, trusting and knowing you have everything you need to be alone in the dark."

- Katrina Markoff
Chocolatier and Founder

Our Holiday 2023 collection of twenty chocolates comes encased in a limited edition Visionary gift box, adorned with hand-drawn illustrations. Inside, discover a curated tasting guide scroll to inspire and manifest your vision. At the heart of it all are the chocolates, meticulously crafted using only superior sourced, energetic ingredients.

Indulge in our Limited Edition Holiday Champagne Dessert Cups. Each mini dark chocolate flute is gracefully filled with a dark chocolate ganache, subtly infused with the finest French Champagne and delicately crowned with Bulgarian rose petal tea and the vibrant touch of cold-dried strawberries. A decadent embrace from Vosges to you this festive season.

Gingerbread parfums are a sign that the holidays have arrived. We have married the alluring, ancient ginger spice with caramelized black Kokuto sugar, grass-fed butter, Saigon cinnamon and nutmeg cooked in copper kettles and made into a crispy, crunchy, and buttery brittle tossed in speculoos cookies.

We blended a treasured early-harvest Mediterranean olive oil with our proprietary 72% cacao dark chocolate and luscious pockets of Bulgarian rose water infused in a raspberry rose gelée. Having minimal amounts of sugar present in the chocolate and the fruit to sweeten them, these truffles are low in sweetness and sumptuously rich without any dairy. Five truffles presented in a stunning jewel box adorned with shimmering gold foil and the deep allure of plum velvet sides.

Joy flows into your life when you have a daily gratitude practice. Regular acknowledgment of the wins in your day is a massive mood lift. This collection includes a 9 piece Truffle Collection, Mini Chocolate Bar Library, a petite tube of Caramels et Chocolats, as well as our Gratitude cards, designed to share and connect with yourself and those around you.

Stocking Stuffers

Pack their goody bag or stocking full of decadent chocolate dainties! From mini bags of Bapchi's Toffee and Belgian Speculoos Cookies to our fan-favorite Parisienne Drinking Chocolate, these small chocolate gifts are the perfect stocking stuffer or personal indulgence. 

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