Me Time: Morning Rituals

Morning Chocolate Ritual

I am so fortunate to be a student of Dr. Barry Morguelan, one of only 12 remaining grandmasters of an ancient 5,000 energy system. He often reminds me there are only 2 types of pain, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, you choose.

I have a lot of resistance to fitting in “me time”. Filled we excuses of Covid, online learning and managing children mostly alone. Then I decided there was only one way up, to creatively problem solve and expand. So I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier and in that sacred time I practice chocolate meditation, qigong or a guided visualization in bed. Doing “me time” in bed before your feet hit the ground allows for no excuses!

Let this act of self love inspire your day.


Morning chocolate meditation:

Sit in a comfortable position. Take 3 deep breaths and relax your shoulders. Now, choose your truffle. How does it look, how does it feel in your hand, how does it smell, what do you see? Take a bite. The first bite you are getting to know your truffle, the second you delve deep into the experience, transported and enlivened. Remember you’re a multi-sensory being that thrives when you use all of your senses.