6 Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas for Adults

Spring has finally arrived and with it the season of rebirth and renewal. As the green returns to the trees and the flowers’ first buds appear, we happily prepare for the Easter holiday at Vosges. 

This time of year is a time to reflect on personal growth and opportunities for waking up our inner spirit. It is a time to be with family and friends, to feel our feet on the warming ground and of course, enjoy the first tastes of spring fruits and vegetables. 

Celebrating the holidays together also brings an opportunity for gift giving and this year we focused on what is most special to us: family.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat's "The Dragon Collection" offers luxury chocolate Easter gifts for adults and children.

Our spring offerings are all about the adventure, joy and the deep love between families. The flavors infused into our unique Easter gifts create the most special of treats for everyone on your spring gift list.

For mom, a sister, grandma, babysitter, friend or hostess, we love creating the most luxurious adult Easter basket with a beautiful candle, homemade bath salts, a favorite book and of course, a chocolate bunny.

Rohan the Regal Rabbit

Might we suggest Rohan the Regal Rabbit?

For those who adore pralines, hazelnuts and Italian dulce, this decadent rabbit will be your new best friend. 45% cacao deep milk chocolate pairs perfectly with the finest I.G.P. Piemonte hazelnuts, while crispy crepes add a light crunch. What is your favorite way to eat a chocolate rabbit? Ear or foot first?

PS-This one is great for kids’ Easter gift baskets, too, because, really, who doesn’t love a tasty Easter chocolate bunny?

House of Nuwa Collection

For a shared experience, we love bringing our House of Nuwa Collection to family gatherings, to the office to have a chocolate tasting, or as the start to a small at home fete with family and friends.

Introducing The House of Nuwa. Her tale is as old as the ages and transports you to China, where Nuwa was called the mother of all humans. Chinese folklore depicts Nuwa as part human and part dragon. This is a testament to her supernatural power, her wisdom and the life force of the dragon that resided within her. 

As you travel through this collection, you are traveling through the winding woods of Nuwa’s beloved China, tasting the parfums of this rich and fertile land, reflecting on your own strength and wisdom and calling on your inner dragon. This collection includes 25 limited edition fine chocolates and a guided tasting insert. 

Giant Dragon Egg

Our creamy, nut-butter filled Dragon Eggs are a unique twist on a classic Easter favorite.

For kids or kids at heart, we love gifting our take on the Easter egg. No mini eggs here. Instead, we made a giant Dragon Egg, to remind you that your inner dragon is the fuel and power to persevere, no matter the challenges presented in your path. Did we mention that it’s a giant peanut butter egg?!

The lessons of the majestic beckon you. Our creamy, filled Dragon Egg is a decadent tribute to these powerful and transformative creatures. Crafted from rich and luscious peanut butter and sprinkled with Baja Gold and Maldon salts, these eggs are a perfect blend of sweet and salty with a most satisfying crunch.

For teachers, girlfriends, guyfriends, and anyone whose day you’d love to make, we have a duo of sweet Easter bunny treats, that come in the most beautiful round boxes and are filled with seasonal delicacies. Don’t all the best things come in small packages?

Forest Raspberry Rabbits

Introducing Artemis, our Forest Rose Raspberry Rabbit hailing from Greece. Our delectable Easter treat shaped like rabbits are filled with a wild raspberry pâte de fruit, touched with prized Bulgarian rose water. We seek these zingy, wild raspberries for their unique and delicate parfum. Each beautiful Easter bunny is captured within an encasement of our proprietary 62% cacao dark chocolate. Included is a fluffle of 9 rabbits with tasting notes and the recipe for Katrina’s Raspberry Lemonade.

Lemon Curd Rabbits

Looking for a delectable Easter basket idea? Introducing Picadilly, the Lemon Curd Rabbit hailing from jolly England. Made with Katrina’s fresh lemon curd and encased in 36% cacao white chocolate are a fluffle of 9 rabbits snuggled together inside their very own limited edition print gift box. Included are tasting notes and the recipe for Katrina’s Lemon Curd Sugar Cookies.

We love a good story and this season we looked to Katrina’s son, Atreyu to help us weave his own tale. This is a unique Easter gift idea that can be enjoyed by each loved one and is not only delicious but perhaps shares the most important gift for a family of all: the luxury of time spent together.

Atreyu, TuTu, and the Magical Dragon Collection

Inspired by a boy named Atreyu and his cat, Tutu, this collection takes you on the magical journey of an eight-year old's imagination through chocolate. Join Atreyu, Tutu and the Dragon as you explore a luscious selection of truffles made from some of our favorite superior sourced ingredients, like peanut butter and Ceylon cinnamon, and seasonal parfums such as Frais de Bois and wild raspberry. 

The story of Atreyu, Tutu and the Magical Dragon invites you to join one little boy's adventure as he finds his inner gold and to begin envisioning your own. To be shared as a family or with friends, this collection includes 17 fine chocolates, a limited edition 28 page storybook telling of Atreyu’s discovery and a guided tasting map.

Let this spring be a time to remind those that you love that you are thinking of them and that your collective strength is meaningful to you. We hope these gifts will help you express that sentiment and that you take in all that the spring has to contribute to your own renewal. What are you waiting for? Hop to it!