chocolate bar pancakes

A salty-sweet twist on a breakfast time staple, Chocolate Bar Pancakes feature our Mo's Dark Bacon Bar.See Full Recipe.

mint chocolate chip kefir smoothie

Decadent chocolate smoothie with fresh mint and smokey dark chocolate finish using our Smoked Salt Chocolate Bar.See full recipe.

apricot coconut white chocolate pudding

This dessert concept feels indulgent but light at the same time. The sourness of the kefir plays really well with the white chocolate and just sweet enough.See Full Recipe.

negroni slushy

The Negroni Slushy adds flair to one of Katrina's favorite classic cocktails during the warmer months. Enjoy with as many friends as possible. See Full Recipe.

bapchi's caramel toffee brownies

Bapchi's Caramel Toffee Brownies are an elevated twist on a classic dessert. Sweet, salty, and comforting in every bite.See Full Recipe. 

honey bar chocolate sauce

Our Honey Bar Chocolate Sauce is an indulgent addition to any sundae. Crafted with one of our must have Exotic Chocolate Bars!See Full Recipe.

banana rum cocktail

The Banana Rum Cocktail is a summer favorite. Flavorful and refreshing in every sip! Pair with the Banana Coconut Bar.See Full Recipe.

dulce de leche ice cream sandwich

Our Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Sandwich is an irresistible upgrade to your favorite Chocolate Chip cookie. See Full Recipe.

matcha melon martini

The Matcha Melon Martini is an herbal delight crafted with Musk Melon infused vodka and Matcha Green Tea powder. Light & refreshing.See Full Recipe.