Diverse Eaters, Creative Feasts: Hosting with Dietary Restrictions & Allergies in Mind

In this day and age there are a wide variety of diets that people follow, whether by choice or for health reasons. This makes it prima important to take this into consideration when you open up your home to friends and family. I like to find out in advance from my guests if they have any food restrictions or food annoyances like cilantro or dill, 2 of my favorite herbs but for some they are pas bon. There are loads of beautiful wellness cookbooks which typically tend to cover gluten free and plant-based but I have several friends that are on a carnivore diet and only eat grass fed beef, goat and lamb. Many of these recipes are well known but I strive to take it to the next level and order special grass-fed meats for these friends. Here are some of my resources:

Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative

Grassland Beef


It goes without saying that you should always use the best and highest quality, in season ingredients for robust flavors and colors…no one will miss the dairy or gluten. I think serving your guests to the highest level of service and providing esteemed food is a way to put an aura of gratitude around your friends and family; it is very much worth it. When you make things extra special and build strong energy bridges with people, your village gets more powerful and connected. This is truly pouring love into every bite and through that you nourish something much deeper, a light bond.

When this is the case, I like to share something about each course and dish in advance, so everyone knows how the ingredients were procured, how the food was prepared and most important, I help to make the table a place where everyone feels welcomed and nourished. That’s when the magic unfolds! If you’re looking for chocolate party favors, try our collection of vegan chocolate gifts, so guests can go home with a treat of their own!